Summer Colors


Well ye Editor finally shucked off the Winter with a  cold shudder and made the change to a Summer New Look for Bah humbug! The new design for the header resulted in two images: A racy design  for the very hot days of…

A Touch Of Color


A Touch of Color works very well in photofinishing. By lowering an image to just hints of the original hues or leaving just traces of the original full colors, graphic artists  have  attractive design alternatives. This post will look at a…

Free Background Generator


Sometimes creating a background for a website is easy because the website’s subject matter, as in the case of a knitting site, offers plenty of background images for tiling. But other times, after several rejected proposals, one can start pulling… Graphic Design Practice


In an earlier review, thePhotofinishes examined as a a Graphic Design School and came to the conclusion: So clearly is not a Photoshop or Illustrator for design features. But there are enough robust options and a great set…

Graphic Design Tool – BeFunky


As a web designer and developer,a positive  UI-User Interface/User eXperience is a vital ingredient to a website’s success. But making up good UI/UX is Great Graphics Design This is a combination of  layout, design, and well tailored media – both…

AutoDesk Drops Perpetual Licenses


Autodesk is raising software prices by switching from perpetual to annual and/or monthly subscription fees similar to Adobe’s pricing for most of its products. After Jan 31, 2016 only a fraction of Autodesk apps will be available for perpetual usage…